Policies & Guidelines

Game Rules

Our Intramural Sport Game Rules will be updated and uploaded here shortly. A copy of the rules will be sent out to the captains. 

Honor Code  

The University Honor Code will be strictly enforced. Any behavior, conduct, use of language, or incident that violates the honor code will be reported to the Honor Code Office. Individuals and/or teams will be suspended from continued participation until the Honor Code Office and/or the Intramural Director has cleared the individual(s) or team(s). To review the Honor Code please go the university web site and click the "About" link, scroll down to "Honor Code" tab, then click on the "Resources" tab and search for the "Disruptive Behavior Policy" section.


One of the major components of our intramural program is to provide spirited and fun competition for all those who participate. Good sportsmanship is the main ingredient for us to achieve this component. In all team events, at the conclusion of each game/match, the intramural referees will give a rating score based on a 5.0 scale with 5.0 being the highest score. Any team that receives an average score of less than a 2.5 for any two games/matches will be dropped from competition. A team must have a rating of 2.5> in order to play in the playoffs and maintain a 2.5> in order to advance during the playoffs.

Participants are also accessed (yellow/red) conduct cards for violation of any sportsmanship conduct and rule(s). A player who is accessed a (yellow) card will be suspended from play for a period of 3 minutes. At which time that player's team will have to play one player down until the 3 minutes are over. If that same player returns and receives a second (yellow card), another 3 minute penalty will be incurred, and the player is dismissed for the rest of the game. If this same player receives a third (yellow) card in another subsequent game, the 3 minute penalty will be applied and the player will be dismissed and not allowed to participate in that event. A "red" card can be issued any time. Participants who violate the code of good sportsmanship thru a violent and/or excessive nature will be dismissed immediately and a written report sent to the Office of Honor. Participant will be banned from intramural participation for up to one year or until situation is resolved between the Intramural Director, Office of Honor, and the participant.


Participation & Eligibility 

Students in assigned Young Single Adult wards and Laie Married wards are allowed to participate in any individual and team events. Contact your Ward Intramural Representative to register for sport events.

Dress Code
Women: Modest shorts just above the knees and sweats are acceptable wear in intramural events. Modest T-shirts must cover the midriff and back. Tank tops worn should not have spaghetti straps nor be backless and should be modest so that underclothing are not exposed. Appropriate gym shoes (non-marking soles) should be worn in all athletic areas. Swimming suits must be modest in fabric, fit and style (no bikini, two piece, or French - cut styles). No jewelry should be worn while participating in any Intramural events.

Men: Shorts, T-shirts and tank-tops must be modest in fit and length. Beards and 5 o'clock shadows are not acceptable. Men's hairstyles should be clean, neat, and trimmed. Hair should be above the collar of a dress shirt and back, and less than one-half inch over the ears. No jewelry of any kind should be worn while participating in any intramural events. Appropriate gym shoes (non-marking soles) should be worn in all athletic areas.