Free Throw Shooting Contest


Free Throw Contest Rules

A. Entries
No advance entry is necessary-enter on site.

B. Equipment
The intramural tournament staff will provide basketballs.

C. General Rules
1. Participants are given two practice attempts before the start of the 25 shot qualifying round.

2. The participant must let the checker know when s/he is ready to begin.

3. The count begins when the first free throw is attempted

4. All free throws must be attempted from behind the free throw line (15 feet) and inside
the  circle.

5. A free throw is considered out when it touches any support or standard above the
backboard  or rim.

6. Participants who make 20 or more free throws in the first round, will qualify for the semi-
final  round. Players will be given a total of 25 attempts each round.

7. Two practice attempts are allowed before the semi - final round begins. The semi - final round count Begins when the first free throw is attempted

8. The top two finishers will be determined by adding together the scores of the
Qualifying and the semi-final final round. If there is a tie an additional 10 shots will be used to break the tie

D. Eligibility
 Participants must present a current student I. D. card to take part in this intramural event 

Women's Bracket

Men's Bracket

womens bracket.doc107.5 KB
mens bracket.doc111.5 KB